12 Months on the Farm

In January 2014, we started a new post called “Around the farm”, so that you can understand what’s happening on our pesticide free farm,  and you can get to “know your farmer”, as so many organic enthusiasts encourage buyers to do. We will put links here, by month, so you can always quickly reference what is happening on the farm every month. We hope it becomes a valuable connection  between farm and fork.

Here’s what’s happening Around the Farm:

January: in the Field

January: in the Office

January: Chickens

February: in the Field

March: in the Field

April: in the Office

April: in the Field

April: Chickens

May: in the Field (part A) 

May: in the Field (part B)

June on the Farm

June Farm Dinners

June: Chickens

July: in the Field (part 1)

August on the Farm

August on the Farm: Chickens

September on the Farm

October on the Farm

November on the Farm

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