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We want to help you enjoy the veggies we grow for you! Below are links to recipes for the vegetables we grow here at BBB, and we hope to add to this list every season. Please share in the Comments Section if you have other CSA veggie recipes or links you want to recommend. Happy Cooking! And as always, CSA members can email us if you have no idea how to use a particular vegetable from your weekly delivery!:)

What to do with the yummy things in a Spring CSA bag

I got asparagus, mint, strawberries and baby greens and a whole lot more in my CSA bag! Spring is amazing here because, in a matter of weeks, the produce world goes from collard greens, onions, and sweet potatoes, to some … Continue reading

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Grain Free Breakfast Wraps

Sometimes, I just want a breakfast I can pick up with my hands and forget that I never eat junk food.  A breakfast wrap works pretty well for that!   I finally found a grain free wrap that is soft … Continue reading

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Planning Your Menu Around Your CSA Bag

The great thing about a CSA is that you get beautiful, fresh, local veggies.  The difficult part can be getting things you are not used to eating.  Many people eat the same basic 4-5 veggies week after week, regardless of … Continue reading

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Why are there flowers in my CSA bag?

Over the years, we have offered beautiful edible flowers to our chefs.  Some of them grow wild, such as lovely violas and wisteria petals, and some are cultivated such as mini roses, cilantro flowers, parsley flowers, and kale blossoms.  Chefs … Continue reading

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Keeping the Bugs at Bay

It is important to me to not expose myself, my family, our workers, nor our customers to toxic chemicals.   For this reason, people often ask me how we manage insect pests on our farm without chemicals.  The answer is … Continue reading

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Fermented Dandelion Stems

Dandelion greens are up and growing!  Our CSA members get them several times a year in their bag, and they always bring questions.  Historically, dandelion greens have been considered almost medicinal and are called a “digestive bitter”.  They have a … Continue reading

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A Hearty German Breakfast

Spring is the season for cabbage!  In our area of NC, cabbage is planted in the late winter and is at its finest in the spring.  In some areas of NC, cabbage can even be planted in the fall, and … Continue reading

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