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We want to help you enjoy the veggies we grow for you! Below are links to recipes for the vegetables we grow here at BBB, and we hope to add to this list every season. Please share in the Comments Section if you have other CSA veggie recipes or links you want to recommend. Happy Cooking! And as always, CSA members can email us if you have no idea how to use a particular vegetable from your weekly delivery!:)

What Do I Do With This Okra?

Okra is absolutely the vegetable of the summer.  You plant it until it gets stinking hot, and then it is ready to harvest when it is stinking hot times two, July and  August!  All of us from the south are … Continue reading

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But My Life Is Too busy To Eat Healthy!

I feel like this all the time.  Our life is busy!  We run two farms.  I have a full time job.  We try to spend time with family.  On top of that, we are committed to our health and fitness.  … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Squash Breakfast

Spaghetti squash are a great low-carb vegetable that most people use in place of pasta.  Here is a delicious way to eat it that has nothing to do with pasta, and enhances that natural yumminess of the squash, and makes … Continue reading

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