April on the Farm: Chickens!

Rodney and his woman

Rodney and his woman!

Here’s the latest Chicken Tales from the farm! We have completed the new “breeding pasture” for Rodney the Rooster and his women. We hope that the crew is having a great time in their new home. We have been trying to leave them alone to do their thing. So far, we see all three of them foraging in the pasture and no hens are brooding on the nest yet. Keeping our fingers crossed. We also went to Tractor Supply and picked up almost all the baby chicks they had brought in but didn’t sell for Easter. They wanted them gone. So, we now have 30 new peepers hanging out in the hen house, growing like crazy. These new hens are Red Star and Leghorn varieties. The Red Stars will lay light brown eggs. The Leghorns lay white eggs. We keep these new chicks in a big dog cage. The holes in the cage are big enough that the peeps can get out and run around but small enough that the hens can’t get in and bother them. It creates a great home base for the peepers when we put a warming light over the cage and their food and water in there. It keeps them safe to eat, drink, and stay warm but allows them to get out and explore if they want to. Believe it or not, some hens will kill baby peepers. So this safe haven is important until the chicks get bigger. They learn very quickly,  to stay out of the hens’ way. They don’t say “pecking order” for nothing!

Chick pics in next post! Until then, eat your veggies!


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