Best Refrigerator Inventory Methods

Guest post by Jay Ross.  

This is what happens when you let an MBA get involved in the kitchen!  He recommends the JIT (Just In Time) method of refrigerator inventory management.  As the person that actually manages what is in the fridge I have determined that the JEI (Just Eat IT) is the best method.  That means that you should always keep MBA’s out of the kitchen unless they are cleaning and just do your best to get a nice health meal on the table.  Perfect!  Eat your veggies.


The Best Method of Refrigerator Inventory

The other day, Robin and I were dining at a friend’s house.  Being the foodies we are, we went out with them into their small garden.  They were growing some great stuff: tomatoes, cucumbers, various herbs, peppers and squash.  We picked a few to include with dinner.  In the kitchen, the friend turned to Robin and said, “Oh, I don’t want to use the things we just picked.  I have some older stuff in the refrigerator I need to use.”  This statement got me thinking (dangerous, I know, but sometimes it happens).  With my business background, I was easily able to discern that she was obviously using the FIFO (First in First Out) method of refrigerator inventory.  This is great for perishable items, in that you use the oldest items in the refrigerator first, hopefully before it goes bad.  Unfortunately, it also means that you never eat the most perfectly fresh item because you are always clearing out the old items! 


Now, contrast this with the LIFO method of refrigerator inventory management: the last one in is the first one you use.  In food terms, this is great for your current meal, but it means that what you already had in your refrigerator will soon resemble a failed science experiment.  What I would recommend is the JIT method of refrigerator inventory.  This is the Just in Time Method.  With this method, you purchase or pick your produce as close to using it as possible.  This method provides you with the freshest tastiest meal you can get.  This does presuppose that you are buying clean, fresh, and local.  


Eat your fresh veggies,


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