Brown Buttered Kale (Recipe from Sheila Tennaro)

My good friend, Sheila Tennaro, told me how to cook kale like this about a year ago, and it has become a family staple dish. Fall is when kale is in its glory, so give this one a try. There is no bitter taste and the flavors rock. I love to use Lacinado or Red Russian kale for this recipe.

Washed Kale


1 bunch of kale
Real butter from grass fed cows


Remove the midrib from the Kale and chop the leaves into bite size pieces.
Roughly chop some fresh garlic.
Get your pan warm, then put a good chunk of butter in a large frying pan (couple of tablespoons).
Let that cook on medium heat, stirring constantly, until the butter is just starting to become the color of butterscotch. Be careful, it can go from perfect to burned quickly.
Add the garlic and let it cook just a few minutes, until fragrant.
Add the kale and cook it until it is wilted and bright green (not too long).
Add a bit of salt and pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon.
Serve. Simple, healthy, yummy.


Another one of our CSA members, Dana Ramsey who blogs as Organic Eater, has a video on how to cook kale in a frying pan, if you need a visual on this.

Eat your veggies, especially that kale!

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