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CSA Recipes

We want to help you enjoy the veggies we grow for you! Below are links to recipes for the vegetables we grow here at BBB, and we hope to add to this list every season. Please share in the Comments Section if you have other CSA veggie recipes or links you want to recommend. Happy Cooking! And as always, CSA members can email us if you have no idea how to use a particular vegetable from your weekly delivery!:)

Why are there flowers in my CSA bag?

Over the years, we have offered beautiful edible flowers to our chefs.  Some of them grow wild, such as lovely violas and wisteria petals, and some are cultivated such as mini roses, cilantro flowers, parsley flowers, and kale blossoms.  Chefs … Continue reading

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Keeping the Bugs at Bay

It is important to me to not expose myself, my family, our workers, nor our customers to toxic chemicals.   For this reason, people often ask me how we manage insect pests on our farm without chemicals.  The answer is … Continue reading

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What Is Rabbit Eye Ridge?

We have a new pick up location for our CSA this year. It is our new farm, Rabbit Eye Ridge! This has raised a lot of questions about what Rabbit Eye Ridge is and where it is located. Let’s start … Continue reading

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The Farm Is Sprouting

A Strange Crop is Sprouting at Rabbit Eye Ridge! If you drive by our new farm these days, you will notice a new crop sprouting. Several rows in fact.  They have sprouted from the ground in spite of the rain … Continue reading

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Mechanize or Die Trying

Here we go, into our 6th season for farming for a CSA (sign up here), local restaurants and farmers market.  I have to confess, I’m getting tired.  When we first started this adventure, we went into it with so much … Continue reading

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Four Pillars of Feeling Good

I have decided everyone has a weak spot in their being.  For example, my weak spot is my joints.  If I have inflammation in my body then my knees are going to hurt.  My husband’s weak spot is his mood.  … Continue reading

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EEEEK! There are Creepy Crawlers in my CSA Bag!

Sometimes, when I am picking veggies for our CSA, I may notice a bug on the produce.  That happened this week.  There were harlequin bugs on our chard.  I tried my hardest to shake them off before I put the … Continue reading

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Support The Local Team

Charlotte has a dynamite food scene.  If you want to enjoy the best of seasonal, local foods, it is not hard to do in the Charlotte area.  Here are some great ideas. Head out to a restaurant that serves local … Continue reading

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What Happens When Your Farmer Goes On Vacation

What happens if we go on vacation? One of the hardest things about farming is that it is relentless and can absolutely take over your life.  The weeds always grow.  The chickens need to be fed every day and they … Continue reading

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Farm Compost

Guest post by Jay Ross One constantly pressing need we have on our farm is soil fertility.  With our intensive type of farming, close rows, and going back into the same space very quickly, the soil needs constant replenishment.  We … Continue reading

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