Cauliflower Rice with Bacon

The cauliflower is ripe at our Rabbit Eye Ridge farm. Those of you who have gotten it in your CSA bag probably noticed that it is a strange color (an off-white color tinged with purple). This is normal. It happens when cauliflower gets stressed, and any cauliflower grown in the Carolinas is going to be stressed. Cauliflower likes to grow in rich soils and cool climates. Our soils are not bad, however, our temperatures are challenging for cauliflower. We have had temps in the upper 80’s for the past week. That did the trick. Now we have strange colored cauliflower! No worries. It tastes great! We had it for breakfast. We made cauliflower rice pilaf with eggs on top and a kale salad. We eat fairly low carb, and try to include tons of veggies in every meal. This means we avoid grains, including rice. Cauliflower rice makes a great substitute, that is delicious. Here are the basics for a delicious cauliflower rice pilaf. 

One head of cauliflower (2 if they are small)
Bacon (1/2 pound)
Chopped Onions
Chopped Mushrooms
Salt and pepper 

Implement it:
Cut all the florets off  the cauliflower, and toss them in your food processor.  Process briefly until the cauliflower is in crumbles. If you don’t have a food processor, you can grate the cauliflower.  Then, chop your bacon and cook until nearly done. Add the onions and mushrooms, and cook until the bacon is done and the onions are fragrant. Don’t drain the pan. Add all the cauliflower and mix well. Then spread everything out on a baking sheet. Add some salt and pepper and place under the broiler until beginning to brown. My oven took about 15 minutes.  While this is cooking, soft fry two eggs per person. When the cauliflower pilaf is done, plate it up and put two eggs on top. This is great with a side of sliced tomatoes or kale salad.  It was so good, we forgot to take a picture, so if any of you make this, send us a pic so we can use it in this post!;)

Go to this post to see a another version of this recipe without the bacon, along with some other ideas for cauli rice.

Eat your veggies! Even if they look a little strange.


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