Charlotte’s First Vegan Farm Dinner

We were really excited to host Chef Julia Simon and her team from Nourish, at the farm this past Friday night, for Charlotte’s first Vegan Farm to Table Dinner.  You can go to their blog post and see more of their pictures here.  Don’t let this “vegan” thing throw you off!  Jay and I are not vegan, and I can honestly say that every single course was delicious and would have pleased anyone, vegan or not!  I loved the creative use of spices, as well as super fresh produce.  My body felt great about it!

The evening started with her crew showing up around 4:00 pm to start their preparations.  They proceeded to turn our rose garden into an elegant dining space for an intimate gathering of only 26 people.  It included china, linen table cloths and napkins, wine and water glasses, and place settings for multiple courses.  Flowers from the farm were on each table, as well as little tea lights for just the right ambiance.  They set up another table as the “bar” and another area to stage the food as each course came out.  The cool thing was that the staging area where Julia was working her magic was right where everyone could see the magic happening.  No secrets here!  You could see the fresh beauty come together.

The guests began arriving around 6:30 and had time to sip some wine and stroll around the farm before dinner began at 7:15.  There were people there from all walks of life.  One of the most memorable was Maryanne, who was 93 years old!  We had a nice shady seating area all prepared for her, but she never even stopped there.  She took her cane and toured all around the farm with her glass of wine!  There were friends from the market, as well as people we had never met, but were happy to get to know.  

The farm really was showing off for the event.  The blueberries were just starting to get ripe, so people could pick handfuls as they walked by.  The broccoli was at the perfect stage with little green heads, peeking up from their leaves, watching everyone.  The birds were out in force, singing every song they knew, and the roses and wild flowers were in full bloom.  At first we were concerned that it might be a little too hot and humid, but as the sun set, a cool breeze blew in and it was the perfect evening.  We even had a full moon and a sky full of stars.

By the time dinner was over, all the bellies were full, the bonfire was making a soft glow and everyone was able to sit and chat and enjoy a last glass of wine before the evening ended.  Chef Julia and her team were smiling because they could tell that Charlotte’s first farm to table dinner was truly a success.  We had a great time, along with everyone else, and will welcome this great bunch back to the farm any time. Keep a look out.  You never know, there might be another one this fall!  Here is the website for Nourish where you can find out about upcoming events as well as order some yummy dinners! 

Jake Yount took these beautiful photos:Bonfire main course nourish salad Nourish soup 







Eat your veggies,


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