Common Threads Between Degenerative Diseases

The End of Alzheimer’s by Dr Dale Bredesen and The Metabolic Approach to Cancer by Dr Nasha Winters are two of my most recent reads. In his book, Dr Bredesen outlines the causes of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Based on the learning of a lifetime in research in this field, Dr Bredesen describes what can be done to prevent, stop progression of, and even reverse the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s. He has determined that the problem or cause is multifaceted. In fact, there may be more than thirty six different contributing agents. To stop cognitive decline in its tracks, you have to address these causal agents. These agents include, but are not limited to, inflammation, environmental toxins and a lack of good nutrition. Dr Bredesen reports on various clients whom he has worked with and demonstrated success.

Dr. Winter’s book, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, describes the root causes of cancer in most cases. She then addresses the ten areas in our life that could help prevent cancer and even addresses how improving these ten areas can work towards curing cancer. In both books, if you look closely at the areas that these learned doctors point out as areas of concern, you will see that, with few exceptions, they are the same. Both Alzheimer’s and cancer can be addressed with the same focus. Both conditions, from each doctor’s perspective, would be considered a chronic disease. So, if we choose to be cognizant of these areas, and act upon this knowledge with healthy choices, we reduce the chance of contracting these diseases.

I recently listened to an interview with Dr Joseph Kraft, by Ivor Cummings. Dr Kraft spent his entire life in research on cardiovascular disease. His conclusion after a life of study was that cardiovascular disease is the result of diabetes, a chronic disease. He also articulated what he would recommend to someone wanting to avoid a cardiovascular event. His recommendation was almost verbatim that of Dr. Bredesen and Dr. Winters recommendations to avoid their focus disease! Putting all of these recommendations in the same arena, all of these chronic conditions can be addressed by cleaning up our lifestyle. So much of our health is dependent upon us and the choices we make.

Take control of your life and your health. You should be doing your best to avoid these chronic diseases. If you would like some help getting started, please contact me.


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