Signups are now open for our CSA and we have some exciting CSA plans for next year at our new farm!

Have you been considering joining a CSA?  I have great news!  “Bell’s Best Berries” is now open for signups for our summer CSA.  We are already prepping the ground!  In the spring you can expect to see kale, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, arugula, beets, turnips, sweet potatoes, winter squash, and more!  As it warms up, our CSA members will be getting the best of the summer, including tomatoes, cucumbers, snap beans, melons, sweet corn, peaches, and of course, BERRIES!  Everyone loves the spring/summer CSA.  Our CSA has been completely sold out the past three seasons, so if you are considering joining, don’t delay!


RabbitEyeRidge_Logo2015This past season, we bought a new farm near Mint Hilled called Rabbit Eye Ridge.  We have been spending our Sunday afternoons brainstorming about how to use our new farm near Mint Hill to improve our CSA for our beloved veggie lovers.  The thing we keep thinking about is that CSA members really want to know about where and how their food is produced.  They also want their children involved and to grow up valuing healthy food.  We often get members asking if they can bring their kids out to “help”.  We also get members who want to volunteer for different jobs just to be involved.  Most of the time we don’t do that because we can barely keep our own heads on straight, let alone supervise or teach different volunteers.  Even so, we want to respect this key part of why people join a CSA to begin with.  We thought up some ideas that we are going to try out this spring.  You are going to love it!

Blueberry Pedroli5

We are going to make our new farm on Hwy 218 a CSA pick up location on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  This farm is easy to get to.  Take the Hwy 218 exit off 485 and head away from Mint Hill for 2.8 miles.  The farm is at the intersection of Hwy 218 and Mill Grove Road.  It is the first caution light you will come to and it is very near the water tower.  There is also an unusual neighbor with a HUGE American flag, multiple confederate flags, and a profusion of Christmas lights everywhere.  Anyone who has been down Hwy 218 now knows EXACTLY where I am talking about.

Here is the coolest thing about this pick up location.  Our lucky members who sign up for a standard bag not only can pick up their CSA bag, they also will have the freedom to head out to the field and grab any extra produce they feel like picking.  Bring the kids and show them where their food is grown and let them pick some!  If you want to help out with some work, this would be a great time.  We will have hoes and equipment available.  We also will have a couple of helpers there to give you your bag, as well as take you to the place in the field where the things you want to pick are located.  What fun!  You could not find a better opportunity to really know where your food comes from and get involved.  

All this at no extra charge for our CSA members who sign up for a standard sized bag.  As you can imagine, this type of farm freedom could result in mayhem or with a few people taking advantage of it and stripping the fields.  I honestly don’t think our CSA members would do that.  They already complain that they can’t even get through their CSA bag.  Why would they want to pick so much more that they strip the field, when their fridge is already full just by what is in the bag?!  We will even allow members to bring their friends.  We are happy to have guests visit and will gladly sell any fresh produce to them that they want.  What a nice way to get to know the farm.  

Look for a nice porch with relaxing chairs, two polite smiling high school boys, a beautiful expanse of produce of all kinds, and a wonderful way to spend your Tuesday evening or Saturday morning.  Come to the farm!  Plan on signing up for a Standard sized CSA bag and choose Rabbit Eye Ridge as your pick up location!

Eat your veggies…and pick them too!


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  1. MOM says:

    Great article, Robin! Can I have some Kale this week? .. or any other “greens”?

    Thanks, MOM

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