Farm to Fork Dinner

Farm to Fork Dinner


Every year we host a beautiful dinner on the farm, featuring our own seasonal produce and chicken from another local farm. Although I am a confirmed recluse, I make a concerted effort to overcome my antisocial tendencies and host this very social event. We create these events because our CSA members and market customers hunger to know where their food comes from (pun quite intended). They want to be able to explore the farm, breathe in the country air and feel the connection to what’s happening here. Many people have very little connection to where their food comes from and appreciate being able to see the fields of veggies, stroll through the blueberries while picking and munching, dig through the raspberries for the perfect berry, and stand amazed at how odd chickens really are. It sounds like every day work to me, but it is a real treat to plenty of people. I sincerely appreciate the commitment each of the guests has to local food and great nutrition. We are blessed they are a part of our farming community.

Chef Craig Barbour with Roots Good Local Food has prepared the meal for the past four dinners. He always does an amazing job with a creative menu that truly highlights the bounty of the season, as well as thoughtful preparation and beautiful presentation. He even brings his own bartender and servers. They all show up, hand me a glass of wine and take over the world. All I have to do is smile and enjoy friends and good food. Now that is how a catered event should go! Check out the menu from our June 2014 dinner.

Lactuca Brassica
A true garden salad of crisp frisee, tender cress, baby trout lettuce, lacinado kale, and ripbor kale, garnished with fragrant fennel, pickled peppers, fresh tomatoes, crispy leeks and dressed with roasted garlic and sorrel vinaigrette

Free-Range-Open-Flame-ChickenFree Range Open Flame Chicken
Grilled Free Range Local Chicken with roasted chicken demi, herb mélange, and golden velvet parsnip and Ukrainian turnip puree, and extra virgin sweet pea oil

A classic dish with a Roots twist.  Yellow squash, zucchini and tomatoes sliced paper thin and layered in a cast iron dish.  Baked with white wine and aromatics until tender and topped with a caramelized onion and roasted tomato sauce, garnished with a touch of local hard cheese, fresh basil, sage, rosemary, and thyme

Ice Cream Sandwich
Bells Best Blueberry Ice Cream in between 2 Lemon Mint Sugar Cookies

I can honestly tell you that everything he prepared was perfect. I was sipping the glass of wine that Kenny, the bartender, provided as I watched Craig set up. He fired up a huge fire in the wood grill. I noticed he had an enormous pile of herbs on the block by the grill. I think he threw them on the fire as he was grilling the chicken. The taste was exquisite. I loved the salad, even though I was a little worried when Craig asked for these greens. It was mid-June and plenty hot (not the best time for greens). I thought the greens would be too strong or maybe even bitter. I think he worked some kind of magic on them, because the salad was superb. Out of all the amazing items on the menu, my favorite was the blueberry ice cream with lemon cookies. Maybe it was because I never eat sugar, and it put me over the top. But, more likely, it was because it truly was delicious.


Our farm to fork dinner is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the farm, great company and amazing food. If you didn`t make it this year, sign up early next year. It always sells out. We look forward to seeing you there!

Eat your veggies,

Photo Credit Dana Ramsey, @organiceater

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  1. MOM says:

    It was absolutely delicious! …and the company was exceptional!

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