2017 Menu for Our Farm to Table Dinner!

Every spring we host a farm to table dinner at our farm. It is carefully prepared by Chef Craig Barbour, with Roots Good Local Food, and always highlights the delicious beauty of the farm. This year, it is planned for Saturday, May 27th. This is the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. You can sign up here. Below is the menu.why-i-eat-local

Bell’s Best Farm Dinner
May 27th, 2017
A REAL Garden Salad
A salad of fresh clipped greens, herbs, edible flours and house made soft cheese, local grist crouton, and simple vinaigrette
Grilled Free Range Local Chicken on the California Wood Fire Grill
Kafir Marinated Local Chicken with Ginger, Smoked Pimenton, and Tumeric, garnished with fresh picked basil and cilantro.
Roasted Gem Veggies
A blend of baby red potatoes, beets, and any other freshly harvested garden gems we can get tossed in a fresh herbs and homemade cultured butter
Flashed Kale
Tender kale julienned thin and tossed in molten hot caramelized fennel dressing instantly wilting the kale to perfect tenderness.
Strawberry Milk Shakes with Lemon Balm Meringue

Here are some of our past dinners:

Farm Dinner Fire2P1010460

IMG_6102IMG_0041Farm Dinner Wine3


Farm to Table dinners are one of the best ways to get in touch with where your veggies are coming from, get some great new ideas about how to prepare them, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, meet some new people and have a great time! Chef Craig Barbour is the best at making farm foods amazing!

Eat your veggies, with us at the Farm to Table Dinner!
Robin and Jay

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