Farm to Table Dinner

Every spring we host a “Farm to Table Dinner” for our CSA members.  The reasons for doing this are many, but it’s mostly because CSA members want to know where their food comes from.  Our CSA members want to see and experience where their food is grown, and make that “farm to table” connection. The farm dinner is the perfect opportunity for us to mow the grass, set up some tables, and host a wonderful meal for our friends. 

Farm Dinner Roots4

 The evening always starts with plenty of time to walk around the farm and see the fields and flower gardens.  The fields look a little better for the farm dinner than they normally do.  We make a special effort to spruce things up, hoe every weed, and even put away all the tools, boxes, and bins.  I sort of like it!  In the toil of farming, I can forget how pretty the farm really is.  It is especially nice at sundown, in the spring, during our farm dinner!

Farm Dinner Desert

Dinner is served about a half hour after everyone arrives, and normally consists of a beautiful salad, a main dish that includes lots of veggies, and finished with a desert that highlights the fresh fruit of spring.  This year it was strawberries.  Last year, the dinner was a little later and it was blueberries.  Chef Craig Barbour with Roots-Good.Local.Food always does this dinner for us and never fails to impress.  Normally Dana Ramsey, at Organiceater helps us with photography.  She has a true talent for capturing the beauty of food.  She wasn’t able to join us this year, so I gave it a try, and will be happy to have her resume her post next year.  Good photography is important and that obviously is not my talent.  

Farm Dinner Fire2

The evening is finished with time around a big bonfire.  This gives time to sit and chat, and get to know everyone.  It is one of my favorite times.  I know everyone is busy, but I really cherish this one time when we stop the farm and are able to share a meal with those who mean so much to us.  Thanks to all of you who are a part of our farm and who were able to join us for our Farm to Table dinner.  We plan to do it again next year!

Eat your veggies! 

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  1. Gina Hubbard says:

    As always, we so look forward to farm to table dinner. And we were blown away by the terrific food, how beautiful the farm looked and especially by the interesting, funny and generous, kind friends we are so blessed to share this wonderful meal with.

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