Four Pillars of Feeling Good

FarmhouseI have decided everyone has a weak spot in their being.  For example, my weak spot is my joints.  If I have inflammation in my body then my knees are going to hurt.  My husband’s weak spot is his mood.  If he doesn’t treat his body right, his state of mind is going to be bad.  For you, it might be something else.  For many people, the weak spot is their gut.  We have spent considerable amounts of time discussing this, and trying to figure out how to maintain optimum health, without our weak points breaking down.  After going around and around about this, we finally concluded that the formula seems to be the same, whether your issue is your gut, your joints, or your mind.  Here are the keys we have discovered to staying healthy.  See if you agree. 

Get enough sleep:  If I don’t get enough sleep, then everything is going to break down.  My mind isn’t going to be as sharp.  My mood will suffer.  My body will ache, and things quickly start going downhill.  Your body needs sleep to clear your mind and rejuvenate.  Sleep is a way of detoxifying! Don’t skimp on this.  I suppose the amount of sleep needed may vary from person to person, but I know I need eight hours.  I bet most of us need something similar.  Turn it off and go to bed!

Watch the alcohol:  Alcohol stresses your body.  It dehydrates you.  It fogs your brain. It tempts you to eat and do things you shouldn’t.   It disturbs your sleep (see point one).  It taxes your liver.  It makes you wake up in the morning in a bad mood and skip your workout.  All in all, it isn’t worth it and needs to be limited.  I know there is research floating around that supports having a glass of wine every day.  It probably is ok.  The problem is that once the bottle gets opened, most people don’t just have a glass.  They finish the bottle.  I know that was true for Jay and me.  Our body and mind are better when we don’t drink.  

Eat the right food and stop poisoning yourself:  Your body will thank you if you nourish it with clean healthy foods.  That includes lots of veggies, some fruits, clean meats and dairy, and healthy fats.  You might even want to take it a step further, and be sure to include some fermented foods, such as kefir or kraut, as well as some green juices.  I know my joints hurt less when I have a big green juice every day.  Not only that, if I have a green juice, then I do not get leg cramps at night.  There must be some nutrients in that juice that work miracles.  Although eating right is great, you also have to stop filling your body with things that inflame and are toxic.  Stop (or at least greatly reduce) eating sugar (of any type), processed foods, artificial ingredients, and toxic fats.  Sadly, almost anything you buy prepackaged, or not prepared in your own kitchen, is going to have some of those toxins, so this can be tough.  You are going to need to learn to cook!  I know when I spend a lot of time traveling and eating out, I come home and I hurt.  It takes several days or weeks to recover!  That is even with doing my best to eat healthy while on the road.  If processed foods or fast foods are a daily part of your diet, you may not even know how good you could feel if you stopped.  Try to eat right and for sure don’t poison yourself.  

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Get moving:  A key part of good health is to spend time every day moving.  Jay and I have different takes on this.  He runs triathlons.  I do good to make it to the gym in the morning.  Either way is fine.  Just move.  Go to the gym.  Take a yoga class.  Take a jog.  Take a walk.  Do anything.  Our bodies need to move to work well.  We need muscles to maintain insulin sensitivity and optimum health.  Don’t feel like you have to be a super athlete.  Pick a time every day where you can build activity into your life.  

These are the things Jay and I have found to be key to good health and a good state of mind.  That doesn’t mean we are always perfect at doing them.  We are not perfect, but at least we know what we are doing wrong.  All in all, if we mindfully try to keep our bodies healthy and understand our weak points to focus on, it is easier to keep it between the lines.  When we miss one, we know it and try to get right back to doing what makes us feel good.

Eat your veggies, quit drinking so much, go to bed, and take a walk.


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