Who is Jay Ross?

My name is Jay Ross. I am passionate about being healthy. I am passionate about others being healthy. That has lead me to where I am today: growing vegetables and talking with folks about their health, all aspects of their health, as an Integrative Health Coach. Getting here was a life journey of many events, attempts, restarts, lessons, and I am still on the journey. From living this journey, I want to help others live a happier, healthier life.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Georgia State University and a MBA from Clemson University. I have completed the foundation course in Integrative Health Coaching at Duke Integrative Medicine. Currently, I am working toward advanced certification in Integrative Health Coaching, also at Duke Integrative Medicine. My Personal Values as a coach are listed here.

My wife and I own a small farm just outside Monroe, NC. We grow vegetables without toxic chemicals. Our vegetables are sold two different ways. The first is through our CSA, this is Community Supported Agriculture. The second way we sell our vegetables is at the Atherton Mill Farmers Market in Charlotte, NC. Having people eat healthy is our main driver. By doing this, maybe we can help them avoid the pandemic of chronic diseases that currently ravages our country. In both the CSA and the Farmers Market, we are constantly asked questions by customers about health, cooking, lifestyles, kids food, pesticides, and the list goes on.
I focus on doing those things that will aid me in staying free of the chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, sarcopenia, metabolic syndrome, etc. I would like to help others do the same.
As an Integrative Health Coach, I believe that your health is a full circle issue. There are many aspects to your health; nutrition, exercise, and relationships, are just a few. All relate back to your overall health.
I have run innumerable 5k and 10k road races. I have completed several marathons. I have run many sprint triathlons and nine Ironman 70.3 events. I have completed the Florida Ironman. I have also completed the Low Country Splash, a five mile harbor swim in Charleston, SC. I have never stood on the podium to receive an award for those events. I do them for the accomplishment. I do them for the training that each event requires. I am an active person. The farm itself keeps me active. For fun, I go kayaking or hiking. This all gives me a great perspective: you do not have to be a world class athlete to be active. You do not have to be in the top ten in your age group to be healthy. I can relate to those who do not believe they can do it. To do what it takes to be healthy, whether that is activity, food intake, sleep or social interaction, you just have to start, and I want to help people make that start and walk the path to a better life and better health. Not just an observer, but a participant right there with you. Living life, both good and bad, not from afar, but right beside you.
I would he happy to speak with you about living a healthy, happier life. Please contact me via the method of your choice. 
Jay Ross

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