It’s Not About the Kale

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Last weekend, I sat down and thought about all the wonderful CSA members we have and tried to figure out why they joined a CSA.  I suspected it probably wasn’t the turnips or kale that lured them in.  After all, turnips aren’t the yummiest of all veggies and you can get them and kale at any grocery store these days.  The reasons are deeper.

I believe the main reason people join a CSA is because they truly care about their health and the health of their children, and a CSA is a great way to be sure your fridge is full of things that make you healthy.  Let me tell you about some of my discussions with members at Atherton Market last weekend.  One sweet young lady has trouble with her tummy.  She is committed to eating real food and healing her gut.  What a great reason!  I believe she will be successful with this and it will change her life and health.

Another beautiful young family of 3 (one is a baby) gets our biggest possible membership size.  When I questioned them about managing to get it all eaten in a week, I quickly realized these guys are pros!  They avoid processed foods and are successfully maintaining their vibrant health by cooking nearly all of their meals and making their own baby food.  I told them they are absolutely changing their health and the health of their children and even grandchildren with this commitment.  Don’t ever underestimate the value of deep nutrition and avoiding junk! The secret is not that they eat kale, it’s that they completely changed their lifestyle and it will impact the lives of others they love.  

Another friendly young woman and her cooking man are super fun to talk to, just to see what they cook every day!  They can take a big CSA bag and have that thing broken down into photo perfect meals in no time.  I’m pretty sure the reason they cook and eat these lovely meals is not because they are Instagram worthy.  It is because those beautiful meals are what give them their strong health and vitality!  Again, it is about their health and life.  

My last example is Katie and her beautiful baby, Lexie.  I’ve known Katie since she was pregnant and saw how careful she was with everything she ate.  Now that Lexie is toddling around, I have seen how well she nourishes her.  I know buying a bar or bag of something marketed to toddlers would be a whole lot easier than the trouble Katie goes to in order to nourish her family.  She does it because she loves them and is committed to their health.  As Lexie grows, she will be strong, healthy, and focused.  That is what good food does!

So you see, it isn’t about kale, or whatever the next “health crazed” veggie will be. It is about changing your life.  Real food supports your body and mind so they are healthy and can function the way they were designed. When our bodies function as they should, our bodies heal and protect.  CSA members are smart. They know that how they feel, how they think, and their overall health is directly related to the nutrition they put in their body (and the junk they don’t!).  I know that learning to cook the veggies in your CSA bag is not easy.  I know there are about a zillion things along the aisles of the grocery store that would be a lot easier.  I’m glad so many people understand that it is not just food.  It is their life and health, and what could be more important than that?!

Eat Your Veggies,


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  1. MOM says:

    Great Article, Robin! I totally agree!

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