June on the Farm: Chickens

Our chicken saga continues. Rodney has no babies. I’m not convinced he and his ladies are even trying. We are finding only a few eggs in their laying box, and none of the ladies are even thinking about sitting on them. Either they are still adjusting to their new home, or else a predator is getting their eggs and stirring them up. I’m beginning to vote for the predator. It seems to be an especially bad year for snakes. That might be the problem. We are finding lots of them in our main chicken house. So far, Jay has removed 5 black snakes and relocated them to the woods. They might be returning from the woods to the chicken house. I have heard that these snakes have an amazing sense of smell and can search out a chicken house from far away. I’m going to get a silver sharpie and start marking the offenders. If we find a repeat offender, then we may have to take more definitive action than a simple relocation. We actually had a big snake kill a four month old pullet this month. That is a pretty big chicken for a snake to think he can eat. We found the snake wrapped around the dead little chicken. I doubt the snake could have eaten it, but he sure did want to! I know black snakes are good guys and I’m glad we have a healthy diverse ecosystem on our farm. Still, this is getting out of hand!


Eat your veggies,

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