Naturally Fermented Kimchi

Easy Homemade Kimchi

Feed the gut!  Eating naturally fermented foods, such as kimchi and sauerkraut, is a great idea.   It not only is a great way to include healthy veggies in your diet, it also adds natural healthy microbes and great fiber, that encourage a healthy gut.  Our CSA members get plenty of great veggies for Kimchi in the spring and fall, so ferment away!

I did not list exact measurements, because it really doesn’t matter very much.  Use what you like and what you have.  I just toss it all in there.  I learned to make kimchi from the book Cultured Food for Life.  This book is a great start if you are looking for new ways to include ferments in your diet.


  • One roughly chopped cabbage (green, red, or Napa, but Napa would be traditional)
  • Any other rough chopped greens you want to use, such as curly kale or pac choy 
  • 1 bunch of green onions, fresh sweet onions, or leeks rough chopped
  • Shredded radishes (1/2-1 cup)
  • Minced or grated ginger (1-2 TBS)
  • Chopped garlic (3-5 big cloves)
  • Sea salt (1 TBS)
  • Chili flakes (To taste)
  • Whey, fermented pickle juice, sauerkraut juice (if you have it)

Implement it:

Put everything except the whey into a big bowl and mix it well with your hands.  Let it sit for about 30 minutes, so that things will begin to soften.  Massage with your hands about 5 minutes.  This should soften things more and release more juice.  Add the whey or other ferment juice.  Pack into quart jars and smash things down with something like a wooden spoon.  You will need juice to cover the cabbage.  If you don’t have enough then add a little bit of filtered water (don’t use tap water because it contains chlorine which kills microbes). 

Pickle PebbleIf you have a weight that you can add to each jar to weigh down the mixture and keep it below the water, drop it in there.  I use Pickle Pebbles for this and they work great!  If you don’t have a weight, push the mixture below the water every day.  Put a loose lid on the jar and let sit in a cool place for a week or so.  I use a Pickle Pipe instead of a loose lid and get perfect results every time.  If you are new at fermenting, I suggest you get the Pickle Pebbles and Pickle Pipe.  Together they keep your mix below the water line, so it ferments well and doesn’t get yeast.  The Pickle Pipe releases air as things ferment, and keeps outside microbes from getting in.  If at the end of the week, you have a small layer of yeast on top, just scoop it off and put your jars in the fridge. Yes, it’s that easy.   Enjoy!

Eat Your Kimchi veggies, 


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