One Side of Your Complete Health Picture

There are many facets to your complete health picture. One of these is your physical fitness. Although we all tend to focus on a particular aspect of physical fitness, you should strive to make your fitness a complete picture. Cardio often gets a great deal of attention. Strength training is gaining in prominence. However, we should not overlook other aspects that are important in your complete health picture. Flexibility, such as in yoga, allows you to remain active and able to do other fun things. Also, not just muscle strength, but what is your level of muscle endurance? Not only how much you can lift, but how many times can you lift or use that muscle. These are all vital in your overall health picture, and then you should factor in your activities of day to day life. And finally, do not forget or ignore the Yin of the physical fitness Yang: Rest. You need to get the proper rest to allow your body to reenergize for the next day and to sort through and organize thoughts, ideas and memories. All of these important functions occur when you are sleeping! So in a nutshell, play hard and rest hard.
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