Stormy weekend

We took a much needed weekend away a couple of days ago. When we got back it seemed like the whole farm shifted into insanity.

Cabbage looper chowing down on some broccoli leaves.

Cabbage looper chowing down on some broccoli leaves.

There was a huge storm so trees were down.  Power lines were down.   Diseases and insects had exploded. The winter crops we bolting and bug eaten. Weeds were everywhere and the grass looked three feet tall!  Not only that, the blueberries had ripened and needed picking.   Work started this week to reclaim the place. Today with the help of Carlos and James we got all the broccoli, kale, and cauliflower removed from the field and put in the compost pile. We also composted the newly naked rows and tilled it in. Our second planting of beans should happen on Friday. We also managed to pick most of the blueberries. We are starting to reclaim the insanity. A little grass mowing and we will almost be there!

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