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Charlotte has a dynamite food scene.  If you want to enjoy the best of seasonal, local foods, it is not hard to do in the Charlotte area.  Here are some great ideas.

  1. Head out to a restaurant that serves local food.  There is no shortage of chefs in our area who are serving up fresh local provisions.  Here are some of my favorites:  Passion 8 Bistro, Heritage, Heirloom, Carpe Diem, The Asbury, Fork, Kindred, DFC Trading Company, Stone Table, Fern, Santé, Rocksalt, Block and Grinder, Kings Kitchen, Mimosa Grill, Halcyon and others.  I hesitated to actually list restaurants here, because I am sure I missed some because there are so many!   These places not only support our community by sourcing their products locally, they also REALLY BRING IT!  These are some of the best chefs in the country.  You won’t be disappointed with any of these restaurants.
  2. Head out to a farmers market.  If you want fresh and local, there are farmers markets absolutely everywhere.  Some are produce only, and others are cool artesian markets, that also have things like handmade soaps, jewelry, cheese, and meats.  Here are some of my favorites:  The Matthews Farmers Market, Atherton Mill and Market, Union County Farmers Market, Yorkmont Market, NoDa Farmers Market, and Davidson Farmers Market.  If you want fresh and local, or even cool, fun and trendy, make your local farmers market a part of your weekend.  It’s fun, healthy, delicious, and it keeps our farmers farming.  
  3. You can even have the local food scene brought to you by joining a CSA, signing up for meal delivery, or catering your next event.  One of the best ways to support local growers is to join a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture.  This is one of the best ways because it gives your farmer a solid dependable source of income when you commit to weekly fresh local meats or vegetables.  Of course I think our CSA is the best, and we are now taking signups for our winter CSA.  Go to here to join.  There are also several meal delivery options in Charlotte that use fresh local ingredients.  They will send it right to your door!  Two of the best are Nourish and Modpaleo.  Lastly, there is even a great way to have your next event catered, with the best of local meats and veggies.  Check out Chef Craig Barbour at Roots Farm Foods.  These guys do our farm dinners every year, and always make it amazing.


Fresh, delicious and local is no problem here in Charlotte.  Supporting the local team is easy, and much more tasty and nutritious, than your local chain restaurant.  It is worth the effort to keep it local!

Eat your local veggies.


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