The Farm Is Sprouting

A Strange Crop is Sprouting at Rabbit Eye Ridge!

If you drive by our new farm these days, you will notice a new crop sprouting.

Several rows in fact.  They have sprouted from the ground in spite of the rain and cold we have experienced recently.  What is this new productive crop?  Why, it is several rows of trellis posts that have sprouted. This crop will soon be mature and fully developed.  They will hold our crop of blackberries and muscadines.


Soon, we will have the root system in place for this new crop, if the weather permits.  

This would be the irrigation system.  The seeds of the irrigation system are beginning to show life.  These roots will reach from the well to all the growing zones we have at the farm.  We need this system to ensure that even under the driest conditions, we are able to deliver fresh beautiful produce to you.  


In other spring-related events, we have been preparing a new field for veggie growing at Rabbit Eye Ridge.  This is brand new ground that is currently covered in grass, sedges, and mares tail.  We have to disc it a couple of times to get those weeds broken down and incorporated into the soil.  Then, we can fine till it and be ready to plant in March.  

Even with the highly variable weather, we have been experiencing, work continues at a furious pace at Rabbit Eye Ridge.  Time, and especially spring, marches continuously onward.  

We are doing our best to have beautiful veggies and fruits ready for you and your family’s health.  We are loving what we have coming and are sure you will too!  Want to be a part of it?  Sign up for CSA!

Eat Your Veggies,


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