Unstuffed Cabbage Recipe and Pressure Cooker tips

Hello BBB readers! My name is Dana Ramsey (aka OrganicEater) and I’m taking over the blog today, since Robin and Jay are extremely busy at the farms.  With the mild weather we’ve had here in the Carolinas, along with some recent rains, things are looking great for this week’s winter produce (which will be available in the CSA and at Atherton Mill’s Farmers’ Market on Saturdays)! 

I want to share a Beef and Cabbage recipe with you, that a fellow CSA friend, Tina Brenize, shared with Robin and me a few weeks ago. It requires an electric pressure cooker, so if you don’t have one, you should click on that link for an explanation/review and consider getting one. They are a popular item these days, so it’s pretty easy to find them on sale and I believe they are 100% worth the $100 you’ll spend to get a good one. My tips: don’t get anything smaller than a 6Qt, especially if you have more than two people in your family. Spend the extra money to get the stainless steel bowl. It will hold up better than any teflon or plastic covered bowl, and no one needs to be cooking their food in Teflon. Yuck. As electric pressure cookers have gained so much popularity recently, there are plenty of websites and recipes popping up online to help you learn how to use it. We use ours almost every day, now that I’ve taught my teens how to use it. They love how easy it is for pasta, rice, boiled eggs and sweet potatoes! (And you know you need some extra ideas for all those sweet potatoes we get in our CSA bags. Did you know NC is the leading producer of sweet potatoes?!)

When you try this “Unstuffed Beef and Cabbage” it’s very forgiving and easy to replace ingredients. For instance, I had no Savoy cabbage, so I used regular cabbage. I had no Worcestershire sauce, so I Googled a substitution. I had no strained tomatoes, so I used a jar of marinara (it probably changed the flavor of the final dish, but so what?! It tasted great!). I had no ground pork, so I used all beef. That’s the beauty of having a few years of cooking practice under your belt; you feel a lot more comfortable substituting ingredients! Let’s chalk that up to one of the good things about aging, shall we?! 

So, try it and let us know how you changed things up for your version. As Robin always says, “Eat your veggies”; and cooking them in an electric pressure cooker is a great way to retain more nutrients since they cook so quickly, so I’m sure she would approve!

Find me on Instagram or Facebook if you want more veggie/cooking tips for using all these wonderful CSA veggies from Robin and Jay! And when you find me, be sure to let me know you’re a fellow Bells Best fan!! We are so blessed to have them in our community, and it’s always fun to connect with other veggie peeps. 

Encouraging Health,



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