Veggie Bomb Breakfast

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Did you know you should be eating 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day? According to researchers at Harvard University, including this amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet reduces cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, and cancer, as well as improving gastrointestinal health and vision. That sounds great, until you consider this: most people who think they are eating healthy, are actually only eating 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Remember, potatoes don’t count! If you eat some fruit at breakfast, a salad with lunch, and two vegetables at dinner, that only makes 4 servings, which is more than most people are eating. My husband and I have found the only way to get enough veggies in our diet is to include them for breakfast, as well as all the other meals. So, here is one of our favorite veggie breakfasts: the Veggie Bomb Breakfast. This has at least three servings of veggies. Add this to the other four you hopefully eat during the day, and you are at seven! Not bad. Eating veggies at breakfast is essential to getting enough fruits and vegetables for optimum health. Here is the general recipe for the Veggie Bomb Breakfast:

veggie bomb    organic eater veggie breakfast

• Lots of chopped veggies. My favorites are kale, onions, squash, hot peppers, garlic, spaghetti squash, and tomatoes. Use your favorites.
• Fresh chopped herbs (lots of them!).
• Big handful of kale sliced into thin ribbons (stalks removed if you prefer).
• Bacon or sausage with no chemicals, from pasture raised hogs (optional, you can make this meatless if you prefer).
• Eggs from pasture raised hens (again, optional, but either eggs or meat makes it tastier).
• Butter (organic/grassfed) or other good oil

organic eater veggie bomb

• Fry some good sausage or bacon. You can also use any leftover meat in your fridge instead. If this is a “meatless” Bomb, start with step 2, but you will need hot fat in your pan before adding veggies.
• Add your veggies. Add the ones that need longer cook time first (onions, broccoli,etc) then the ones that need less cook time later.
• Pile the cooked veggies on a plate.
• Cook the eggs to your liking and put on top of the veggie pile (I like the poached or over easy).
• Add the cooked sausage or bacon to the pile.
• Add a handful of fresh chopped herbs of your choice. I love sorrel, basil, oregano, chives, thyme, tarragon..actually I use them all!
• Drizzle with good olive oil and your favorite vinegar.
• Add a spash of hot sauce or real parmesan cheese, if you like.
• Enjoy!

You can use any vegetables you have around the kitchen. If you have some leftover grilled eggplant from dinner last night, chop it up and use it! I love it if I happen to be lucky enough to have some cooked spaghetti squash. I fork it out and put it on top of the kale before I add my sautéed vegetables. What pulls this all together is the runny egg yolks, olive oil, vinegar, and bacon or sausage. You can put almost any veggies you want in the middle with fresh herbs on top, and it will taste amazing!

Eat your veggies at every meal!

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