What Happens on the New Farm This Fall?

Most of you know we bought a new farm, near Mint Hill, this past November.  It was just a big open agricultural field with no buildings, homes, or even a single tree.  We have been working hard to make it a farm with both permanent fruit crops and vegetables.  It hasn’t been easy.  Here is what we plan on doing this fall and winter.  If I write it, I have to do it!



We recently had a well drilled, so one of our most important next steps is to get our irrigation system designed and installed.  This will be a game changer because the new young blueberry bushes, blackberries, and grapes will come into production much quicker if they don’t have to suffer through 100 degree summer days with no water.  It will also allow us to consistently have large amounts of vegetables for our CSA and market, without stressing about what is going to survive the next drought.  Currently, our Unionville farm has irrigation in some of the fields, but the new farm does not, so anything we plant over there is at risk.  This needs to be completed before the spring season comes back around.  It would be glorious if we got it finished this fall!


We also want to finish our design.  Where will the vegetable growing area be located?  Where will the shop be?  What about parking?  Where can we secure our equipment?  Can we get cooling over there?  I think we need a bathroom.  These are all a part of the infrastructure we need to put in place.  If we can at least get the design for this whole thing sketched out, we can start working on pieces of it one by one.


The pieces of the design that I will prioritize will be: amending the soil, and adding irrigation to a large area for growing vegetables.  That may sound easy, but it really isn’t because we don’t have any equipment over there, and it all requires tractor work.  That brings up another priority for the fall.  

My sweet cousin is nice enough to loan us his truck and trailer to haul our tractor and equipment over there about once a month.  That arrangement has allowed us to farm over there this summer, but we need to solve this transportation issue.  We need a secure place to park and store equipment.  It is too hard to borrow someone’s truck and trailer to haul everything over there, every time we want to work.  This is going to be a pretty expensive problem to solve.  I think it might require a small building.  

Lastly, one area of the farm is absolutely covered in pig-weed.  I hate this weed and it is almost impossible to get rid of.  That area needs to become a parking lot and work area, covered in gravel!  If those pig-weed make it through that, then I might have to declare they have won the war!  

Wow! I feel really directed, now that I have it written down.  Get the irrigation installed, plan the veggie area, get a shop, and a parking lot!  It might sound simple, but it is going to be a serious challenge both from a time and financial perspective.  Head down and march on, we have veggies to grow! 

Eat your veggies,


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  1. Ruth says:

    A shop?!! What a thrill!

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