When it Comes to What You Eat and Drink, You Are Your Own Best Advocate

Robin and I got this letter last week.

The letter explains that the Union County NC Public Works Department is notifying the public that certain contaminants in the drinking water exceeded parameters. This letter went to every household in Union County. The letter tries to answer any questions the public may have regarding their drinking water and the contaminant referenced. What it does, in my opinion, is raise many more questions than it answers.
The contaminant in question is haloacetic acid. With haloacetic acid, there is no acute health issue, meaning it will not kill you quickly. However, there is a potential chronic health issues in that it may cause cancer, in some, many years down the road. Of course, that would be long after you could blame Union County Public Works for it.
The letter asks in one paragraph heading “What should I do?” The first sentence in the paragraph states there is nothing you need to do. Then, why did the public works department send the letter? In the paragraph with the heading “What is being done”, the Public Works Department blames the problem on a neighboring county, Anson County. The paragraph also states that the Union County Public Works Department is in discussions with Anson County regarding this, and they have hired a consultant to assist. How long do governmental discussions usually take? If you are taking in water from an outside source, why aren’t you testing it on the way into your system? Instead, they are testing it on the way out and then blaming someone else for the problem.
All of this points to the fact that we alone are ultimately responsible for our health. We would all like to think that other people or groups will protect us from dangers in our food and water. We are wrong. Taking individual responsibility for our health is key. Is the water we drink safe? Is the food we eat safe? Is the food we eat nutritious? This is why my family drinks filtered water and as much as possible, eats meat, produce, and diary from local farmers that we know. In these ways, we are making a strong effort to be responsible for our own health, without having to trust a label or a government body. But we also realize not everyone can afford or has access to these choices, so we are grateful that we do.
When it comes to what you ingest, you are your own best advocate. Remember, it is your life, be healthy and enjoy it.


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