Winter Veggie Recipes: Turnips and Cauliflower

This week we are sharing a few links to recipes for a couple of the winter veggies you have been receiving in your Winter CSA boxes: turnips and cauliflower.

P1010574We want to help you find creative ways to use those turnips and cauliflower in your boxes. One of the most surprising ways to cook turnips or cauliflower (or both together if you like) is to make  imitation “mashed potatoes” by following the recipe here at this blog.  And there are more turnip recipes here that are very simple and quick. A  cauliflower pizza crust recipe can be found at this organic food blog, as well as a cauliflower fried “rice” recipe. So, why do we want to consider an alternative? Higher carbs and starch in rice and potatoes could be  problematic for those watching their sugar levels, but more importantly,  this link at Living Maxwell describes the potential health risks of eating conventional potatoes, and potatoes are on The Dirty Dozen list for having so many pesticides. Even if you buy certified organic potatoes, which probably is an improvement, many “commercial organic growers” simply use an organic version of the pesticides and it’s still not the best choice for healthy potatoes.  The turnips and cauliflower (and small red potatoes when in season) we grow are pesticide free, which is always your best and safest choice, especially for young children! Plus, buying fresh local produce can ensure maximum nutritional value at the peak of picking!


Hope you find all of these turnip and cauliflower recipes helpful!

Eat your veggies!


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